Screen Protection

Spring is here on the Gold Coast. To celebrate, Skytree wants to offer you your absolutely own screen protection for 25% of the price. Come to our store and we will help you with the right protection, installation and recovery treatment. In the heart of Surfers Paradise. Shop 6/3163 Surfers Paradise Blvd. 

5 Top Reasons why you should always protect your screen.

  1. It saves you a lot of money. Statistics show that more than 77% of phones users with no screen protection will break their screens within a two year period. 
  2. Keeps your screen germ free. Did you know that a normal screen with no protection holds millions and millions of growing germ?
  3. Your insurance does not cover! A lot of people are very surprised to know that because their phone did not have a screen protection the damaged phone is not covered by the insurance. Unfortunately, the phone owner usually learns this after the phone have been dropped or damaged and it is already too late.  
  4. It looks better. We have all heard it before, your first impression is your most important one. Some people will think that a person with screen protection has their things in order.
  5. Peace of mind. You know the feeling, you are staring down on your phone with twitchy eyes, it is faced screen down. You pick it up slowly, barely brave to turn the phone around, peek your eyes at the screen. You can breath out. But what about next time?

Pick up your screen protection for 25% of the price. Come into our store this week for a screen cover so you don't have to come in on a later date with a broken screen. This special promotion is from Monday 10/9 to 24/9. A limited amount of screen protections in stock.

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